Storify: an essential tool in class

Storify: an essential tool in class. Storify is a very versatile online tool with which you can create stories based on social media posts. This way it allows you to collect, combine, save and share a large amount of information. You can also add web pages and all types of audiovisual content. Each story is a space that encourages creativity and valuable content, so your publications will be more eye-catching and visitor traffic will increase.

What stories can we tell

 What stories can we tell. Your imagination has carte blanche with Storify. The possibilities are endless. You can use it for everything you want, from telling breaking stories, making summaries, chronicles, narratives, multimedia messages, recreating stories from the past, organizing tweets in real time, showing audience content, etc., to creating new stories job function email list from other. Storify are generally done chronologically so that your audience has an idea of ​​how the events or situations you are telling have developed.

How do I share my story

 How do I share my story. Publishing it on the blog is very easy: You can do it by copying the Storify URL that is generated for each story created and pasting it into the HTML tag DD Leads of your blog entry. Thus, in a very simple way, you can put selected stories from social networks on your blog. If you feel like it, you can share only part of the story.

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