The problems faced by Online Marketing Agencies

The problems faced by Online Marketing Agencies. On June 27, the First Annual Meeting of Online Marketing Agencies was held in Madrid. More than 40 companies dedicated to Internet Communication gathered to talk about the topics that interest and concern them. The event, organized by Aula CM, was interesting and enriching for those of us who love and live from online marketing .

The 6 keys to the debate on the problems of online marketingc

The 6 keys to the debate on the problems of online marketing. Once the participants made their introduction, it was time to delve into some topics mentioned above. The five protagonists answered some questions from Alicia Senovilla and the audience, and debated with each other. The following issues stood out and came email database to light: Distancing with the client. One of the problems that most worries Online Marketing agencies is the enormous distance that often separates them from the client.

The problem of gurus

The problem of gurus. The word “guru” was one of the most repeated during the Meeting. Agencies are concerned about the image and perception that clients have of them. That brands consider online marketing professionals as gurus who live far DD Leads from their reality harms the sector. The conclusion reached by many participants is that it is not advisable to speak to the client with technicalities that they do not understand.

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