The 33 WordPress PLUGINS most used by 42 big blogs

The 33 WordPress PLUGINS most used by 42 big blogs. Today I am going to show you the 33 WordPress plugins used by. Therefore,  the best Marketing blogs that I have classified according to their usefulness and according. Therefore, the number of times they are installed on these blogs that I have analyzed. This way you can see if you are interested in installing any of them on your website.

What is Personal Brand

What is Personal Brand. It is a term that is fashionable, many people talk and write about it, but sometimes it still generates a bit of confusion. For us email leads Personal Brand is. Learn to position yourself as an expert in something,. Therefore, as a reference in some sector. That when they think of you. Therefore, they automatically relate you to a profession. Learn to sell what you do (not what you are). Manage a personal profile as if it were that of a brand.

Know yourself well

Know yourself well. You must analyze yourself and discover what your passions are. Therefore, what you are good at and what you like. As Juan Merodio says, the basis is to enjoy what you do. It is essential that your personal brand is closely linked to your strengths. Therefore, the opportunities DD Leads you find in the environment to develop them. You are not interested in building your Personal Branding on a facet. Therefore, that is very far from you or that you are not particularly good at.

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