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When your blog gets off to a great start, it’s easier for you to invest in the development of the blog and yourself, also financially. A financial investment motivates you even more because you want to get your money’s worth, either financially or emotionally. The blog launch has 6 parts: Coming soon page Free gift The layout of the blog Branding Contents Launch plan Next, in more detail. Launch before the blog is “complete”, i.e. ready Pro Tip from the Pro: Launch before the blog is perfect. Never strive for perfection because it doesn’t exist.

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 At worst, you wait months and years before you publish a blog. Remember that the reader will forgive a crude appearance up to a point, as new database long as the content is interesting. Honing every detail can be fun, but not productive at all. it or not, many times I have read posts written a year ago and my head has been spinning. Successful bloggers publish a blog even if it is not perfect. They modify and refine it little by little. I also recommend the same to you. So if you know yourself and know that you are trying to make everything perfect, stop. Take a deep breath, read this post, do the tasks and launch the blog. Set up a blog before launching  saying, but you actually have to set up a blog first before you can launch it. I highly recommend following the instructions in this post when setting up a blog .

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I recommend this because I myself have founded several blogs using the same formula and all the instructions and tutorials I write are based on this blog base. So you make your own work significantly easier when you follow ready-made step markers <3 Additional resources: 7 mistakes to avoid if your blog has been on hiatus 8 tips on how to overcome the fear of the first post 5 professional tips on how to narrow down a blog topic in 5 minutes 1. Coming soon page DD Leads Once the blog is set up, download and activate the free “Maintenance” plugin. WordPress has several different plugins of this style.

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