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Companies that forget to take care of the physical, mental and digital well-being of their employees risk losing good people who have reachd breaking point. Employees are looking for a better work-life balance . How can you improve employe Give them some insight so they can build trust. retention? If you’re struggling with high employee turnover, it’s time to develop an effective employee retention program that eliminates the reasons good workers leave. The intranet is the ideal place to start. And why? It is a tool to address the main reasons employees quit: lack of communication, bad culture, burnout and lack of flexibility.

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As a central source of information for the entire company. An intranet facilitates internal communication , gives. Employees access to the whatsapp mobile number list information they ned and is part of your company culture . The intranet is your digital workspace , a virtual space Give them some insight so they can build trust. where all your employees are connectd and engagd. In addition, it is designd for remote and hybrid work correctly, it can improve the mental and digital well-being of employees. How to create an employee retention strategy with an intranet: Here are 6 employee retention strategies you can implement with the help of your intranet.

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Open communication Three quarters of employees feel. That their employer does not inform them well or does not. Communicate often enough. This can lead to dissatisfaction and disinterest and affect staff turnover. A simple way to keep DD Leads good workers is to communicate with them. Let them know what’s happening in the organization. Give them some insight so they can build trust. Openness and transparency on the part of leadership and management can help employees feel more connectd to the company. The intranet is intendd for company-wide communication. It is a common space that employees can easily access to get the latest information.

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