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 Instructions on how to enable add-ons can be found here: Read more: Start Blogging | Here’s how to write and publish your first post blog When you enable the page, you can modify it as you wish. I myself did not put a joining gift on the page yet, because its design is totally unfinished. When the page is “live” it looks something like this to the visitor: This is how you get readers to your blog But you get to see the “real” layout of the page and modify the layout as much as you want: This is how you get readers to your blog ” page be made? Because you want to give the visitor the highest possible quality and professional first impression from the first moment.

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Sometimes it just happens that people are looking for a page and end up on your page by chance. It may be that you new data already tell on social media that you are starting a blog and direct people there. But if the page says “Coming Soon” or at worst “This site is owned by the company ABC”, the end result will not look very professional… This is how you get readers to your blog | Blog launch or marketing plan Coming soon to the site, you should definitely add the signup form to the email list. 2. Offer a free gift and collect email addresses The most important tool for a blogger, especially if you want to generate income from a blog, is an email list. Collecting an email list in advance enables two things: You gather readers before you publish a blog | When you first open a blog, the people on your email list can’t wait to check out your blogbase for the first product to be sold or recommended Gathering a customer base in advance has been one of the smartest decisions in my entrepreneurial journey.

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From January 2014 to November 2015, I had gathered a group of more than 25,000 followers on Facebook. It was easy to start selling the first digital product when I knew there were customers. In retrospect, it would have been smarter to collect this group on an email list. That’s why I recommend you to collect an email list right from the start. The best way to get people to join your email list is to offer them a small free gift (joining gift, lead magnet, lead magnet). A free gift can be, for example guide workbook memory list prescription DD Leads complete shopping list finished work list video The most important thing about a joining gift is that it gives added value to readers.

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