Beginner’s Guide to Data Analysis for Marketing

Data Analysis is the systematic application of logical and statistical techniques on raw data to gain useful information. Through data analysis, you can separate the phenomenon of interest from the ‘noise’ in the data.
The data analysis process can be used to guide decisions and actions in all fields. For instance, in the field of real estate, tools with data analysis capabilities can help automate real estate evaluation, optimize buyer selection process, monitor trends, and boost ROI.

Reasons to Learn Data Analysis

Although high demand and predictions of high demand are reasons enough to raise curiosity, you may still want Whatsapp Database to know why you should learn data analysis and how this knowledge can benefit you.

Here are a few reasons (from the multitude) to dive into data analysis:

Using data analysis, you will be able to comprehend audience preferences and engagement in a better way. With this understanding, you can create content that will resonate more with your target audience, and run highly effective and successful marketing campaigns.
You can forecast the ROI of marketing campaigns with data analysis. These forecasts will help you make better decisions about your marketing budget. You can also optimize marketing campaigns for better ROI with data analysis.
Companies use data analysis to discover and select influencers for their marketing campaigns. Data analysis also helps in identifying genuine influencers.
You can be proactive instead of reactive; data analysis can be integrated with social listening and you can use the insights to guide your strategies. Combining social listening and data analysis will help you effectively identify, engage, and nurture leads.
If you leverage data analysis well, you can gain a significant competitive advantage.

Primary Methods of Data Analysis

Methods of data analysis differ based on the type of data collected. These methods may be used in combination or on their own, depending on the requirements. The two primary methods of data analysis are quantitative data analysis and qualitative data analysis. 

Quantitative data analysis involves numerical variables. In the DD Leads context of social media, quantitative data analysis might revolve around metrics such as base, reach, engagement, and conversion.

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