Scaling Your Social Business

Social Business. My topic? To focus on how companies need to scale social business. I referenced the following Open Research (meaning you can download them) reports. Social Business Readiness, Career path of the Corporate Social Strategist. And Managing Social Media Proliferation. See all my Open Research on this tab. Key Agenda Points: Social business does not scale. Companies are at risk for “Social Sanitation” Advanced companies scale with at least six programs. Scaling Your Get into a scalable formation now 2) Enable business units (safely) 3) Streamline workflow with tools.

Scale with peer to peer

Communities Grow an unpaid army of advocates 6) Integrate in all manners. Below you’ll find the video recording, and raw slides on slideshare. Thank you Salesforce for providing the opportunity to share this research to the Dreamforce Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data attendees. Above: Video recording of presentation, with slides, see on YouTube Dreamforce 2012: Prioritizing for Scale by Jeremiah Owyang from Jeremiah Owyang Above: Slideshare slides, available for download or perusing. Update: Maddie from Socialfish has blogged her take on this presentation. will be available for $2k and creates plastic figures.

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Tools, toys, and devices

And will move to other forms of more pliable materials in the future. Interaxon, a Brain wave scanner, is a headband which measures brand activity, and will have uses for gaming, workplace productivity and eventually grab multiple Canada WhatsApp Number List forms of brain activity to track our Body APIs. (pic) Government sponsored Enterprise Ireland was present and has an evergreen fund of $350m for startups and larger org. Code 2040 offers a summer internship for US students of Latino and African American heritage who are interested in technology. BoostedBoards, an Electric skateboard takes you uphill.

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