Wrapup Community Manager Day 2013

Online communicators, Community Managers are the most powerful group for 5 reasons: 1) Professionally trained 2) Access to top tools 3) Manage the largest social media accounts in world 4) Highly connected to each other. And 5) Their interactions with market are public, which resonate. I’m pleased to report that yesterday. On Jan 28th the Community Manager Appreciation tag (#CMAD) became a Twitter trending topic in at least Finland. France, Wrapup Community  and United States for over five hours. Recognition of the Community Manager Role. Globally Known Each year.

Community Manager appreciation

Day grows in size and in location. This year I was stunned by the community involvement and market reaction. I heard comments that while in emerging. Markets there’s still justification required for the role, but within US, there’s Iraq WhatsApp Number Data already wide understanding and approval of this role within today’s modern company. Both big and small. Last night, at the SF meetup whether or not CMs were the final decision maker for social tools and software, and depending on size of company, it could vary, however they often short-list the social business toolset for management and teams to analyze.

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With the Corporate Social Strategist. They’re internal influencers on how programs role out. 2014 CMAD Will Host A Theme to Australia WhatsApp Number List Advance the Career Next year, in 2014, Community Manager Appreciation Day will be on Monday, Jan 27th. (It’s on the fourth monday, every Jan). We will discuss this year what the theme will be –beyond appreciation. While some markets still need awareness and justification of the role, developed markets are seeking to push the agenda and be forward moving. We’ll find a theme, announce it in Dec, and ask the industry to collectively move forward.

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