Key Stats of the Community Manager

Appreciation Day, in celebration of saluting this important role changing. The face of corporations and customers everywhere. I wanted to share original data and insights on the state of the space. Community Manager Day (#CMAD) is hosted globally every fourth Monday in Jan. I’ll do a wrap up post and cross-link for this fourth year. Why do Community Managers get their own day? Essentially. They serve customers every other day. So they should get a day of thanks to highlight how they’re changing the face of business, customer care, and our industry. Here’s key stats on the essential skills.

Requirements of community managers

As well who they follow the most on Twitter. 1) Top Required Skills of the Community Manager Altimeter Group conducted analysis of 30 global job descriptions of Community Managers to ascertain patterns on job requirements and skills. Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 1.52.39 PM Above: Out of 30 Community Manager Israel WhatsApp Number Data job descriptions.  The most critical requested skills were writing ability (83%). Customer relations in online channels in normal daily conditions (76%), and working with other departments (53%). Other critical skills included reporting, and providing feedback to product.

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Teams on innovations

A few of the requirements included passion/tact/clever people skills. As well as passion for the topic and vertical the CM was covering. 2) Top Tools of the Community Manager Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 2.19.38 PM Above. Interestingly, 43% requested that Community Managers to participate in social networks –not just online France WhatsApp Number List communities owned by the brand. The heritage of the term originated with online communities (before Facebook and Twitter were founded) but the job requirements now suggest that 43% of community manager roles must interact.

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