2013 Superbowl Ads Favor URLs

Experience for the year. Overall, we saw brands still hold onto corporate websites. Although a big jump in hashtag usage. And decline in Facebook integration. Majority of 2013 Superbowl Ads Integrated URLs.  Hashtags Few use Facebook 2012-2013 Superbowl Ad Tech Integration Tech Integration Type 2012 2013 Percent Change Corporate Integration to reach the Dynamic Customer a top priorty for brands. Brands know they must integrate their brand experience on multiple experiences and apply real time interaction, Altimeter’s research theme the Dynamic Customer Journey explores.

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Adobe shared with me that: “Visits and page views to companies that advertise on TV during the Super Bowl show a 20% increase in visits on the day of the game and maintain higher than average traffic for a week following the game.” This Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data integrated approaches means longer adoption over the 30 seconds. Top findings include: 75% of Brands integrate second screen experience. Up 7%. Overall, 75% of brand ads integrated social, mobile, hashtags, or apps in their $4m, 30 second spot (that’s $133k per second), this is up from 68% integration in 2012. This second screen promotion extends engagement.

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Social sites, fostering a further integrated experience. Of note, Oreo was able to quickly create ads on social channels that tapped into the unexpected blackout, showing their advertising and marketing prowess, cross-screen. Expect this Africa Phone Number List growth rate to only continue in 2014, as ads should cross the 80-90% integration rate. Hashtags, presumably aimed for Twitter, dominate over Facebook. Hashtag integration in ads dominated the airtime. With 38% of ads including Hashtags in visual display on ads, up 31% out of a total of 64 ads. Twitter, a media-centric, network serves better for real time interactions.

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