6 Ways to Do Product Launching Post Analysis After Ramadhan

You can run the following six ways to do a post-launch product analysis after the month of Ramadan ends.

Collecting and Analyzing Sales Data during the Month of Ramadan
You can collect all sales data in the month of Ramadan from newly launched products . This data can be in the form of sales that you get, from resellers, or from various parties such as shops that work together to sell products.


Then, do data analysis to find out the sales revenue sources that have the most results and those that have the least impact on selling products.

Obtaining Consumer Feedback

After you launch a product in the month of Ramadan, get feedback from consumers who make purchases.


This aims to determine the attractiveness of Spain Business Fax List consumers to the product, the relevance of the product to the niche and atmosphere of Ramadan, as well as product deficiencies.

Analyzing Sales Platforms
You need to know which sales platforms are most effective in marketing your products and which bring in the most buyers.


So, after Ramadhan, you can make the results of this analysis a consideration for optimization on the sales platform that has the potential to bring in new and more customers.

Evaluating Promotional Strategies

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Evaluate the promotional strategies you use during the month of Ramadan. For example, if during the month of Ramadan the promotions you are Dd Leads doing focus on presenting content that is relevant to the atmosphere of fasting or utilizing influencers to advertise products.


Do an analysis of every promotion strategy that you have done in the month of Ramadan, including effectiveness, costs incurred, and the resulting impact . This is so that you can determine the best promotion strategy for the product after the Ramadhan moment ends.

Conduct a Review of Product Prices
You need to recalculate the BEP ( Break Event Point ) for the products that you have launched in the month of Ramadan. Because, some market situations such as increasing or decreasing prices can affect people’s purchasing power.

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