Also pay attention to the keywords in the product

Use Relevant Keywords
You should pay attention to every word used in product names and descriptions. Make sure every keyword used has relevance and can explain the product clearly .


Name and description in line with the reviews or ratings from consumers. So, Google will find it easier to detect the sales page for the fashion products that you manage.


In addition, if you have one type of fashion product , for example clothes in different sizes and colors, it’s best to treat each page as a unique page . This is to prevent duplicate content detection and to facilitate Google ‘s identification of product pages .

Make sure product images are of good quality
The image or visual display of the fashion product that you use on the sales site page will affect the attractiveness of consumers to make purchases.


Use quality product photos. Like photos from several angles , the color match in the image to the original, and product details in the image.


Then, make sure the image has the ideal size for the website . If the image size is too large, it will affect page speed , which means it takes longer to load the product page.


You can compress the image before using it as a product photo on a managed fashion product sales website .

Update Against Competitors

You must continue to monitor the developments made by competitors. Such as the campaigns carried out, the keywords used, and the strategies implemented to increase website traffic .


By continuing to update competitors, you can New Zealand Business Fax List see how competitors are progressing in implementing SEO and adapting this strategy to managed fashion product sales websites .


You can use various SEO tools to monitor the progress of the website being managed and compare it to competitors.

Pay attention to Local SEO

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Local SEO is websitevisibility optimizationbased on the geographical area where you sell products. LocalSEO is important to use to reach consumers around or in the nearest area. And also makes it easier for Google to identify your sales area Dd Leads when a consumer searches based on geographic location.


For example, you add a shop address in the Jakarta area. If there are consumers who are in Jakarta and search for the nearest clothing store, then the store website that you manage can appear in the top rankings on Google.

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