The Importance of Product Launching Post Analysis After Ramadhan

As a business person, what do you do after the product is launched? How can these products still exist and sell well in the market? In fact, when the Ramadan moment is over?


So, according to the business strategy, you need to do a post launching to find out all the sales data and determine the next steps for the product.


Curious, what is a post product launch ? Why is it important to do this? And how to do it? You can find the discussion in this article. So, read this article to the end, OK !


What is Product Launch Post

Post product launching is a series of activities carried out to determine the success of products that have been launched . These activities can be in the form of product analysis, sales, and determination of strategic steps for business progress.


New products that you launchduring the month of Switzerland Business Fax List Ramadan will be reviewed for success after the moment ends. Then, you need to determine the next steps so that the products launched will still exist and sell well in the market even though the month of Ramadan is over.

The Importance of Product Launching Post Analysis After Ramadhan

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When you launch a new product that is in great demand in the month of Ramadan, you will probably have success in sales. However, you need to Dd Leads pay attention, how will your product develop after Ramadhan ends?


The development of your business and products can be reviewed by conducting a post product launching analysis. So that, after Ramadhan ends, the product you launched will still be in demand by the public. And you can decide the continuity of sales of these products.


Apart from that, you also need to make considerations regarding product development and the right promotion strategy to retain old customers and bring in new buyers.


So, post product launches are important to do so that the products you launch in the month of Ramadan can be analyzed for their level of success and determine the next steps to maintain the turnover of the business being run.


Obtain product sales data during Ramadan.

Get information about consumers who make purchases.

Get guidelines for product development after Ramadhan ends.

Have relevant and accurate data to develop further marketing strategies .

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