99 Ways to Build Links by Giving Stuff

In my last post I explained why free stuff is link building gold, and in this update I’m giving you 99 actionable ways to gain links by giving stuff away. By the end you’ll have a ton of link building ideas, some of which I hope will be new to you. This is a springboard for new ideas, so I hope this 99 can become many more, so please leave your comments and help grow this list.

These ideas come from methods I’ve seen customers use to get free stuff in researching the Free Stuff Everyday book, and also ideas we’ve used for clients at Koozai. In short there’s nothing below that can’t be sourced to the real world, so please give every idea a chance.

These ideas focus on getting increased chatter about your brand online

with the logic that when people are Ireland Business Fax List talking about your brand they are likely linking to it as well. If you find there is a lot of brand chatter without any links, you can always use brand monitoring tools to track your mentions, and then followup to ask for a link.

I’ve tried to make the list suit all styles, so you can either look at the nine titles and take it from there. Each bullet point has a short solution with a summary after the dash if you want more detail. Enjoy!1. Ask bloggers for reviews – Contact any relevant blogs in your niche and ask for a review. Send them the product and if they like it, you may get a link in return.

Give products to photographers in return for awesome images 

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2. Provide products to gift bags – If you can provide your product at a key event as a freebie to the attendees there’s a chance they’ll then talk about the product online later. Think “Oscar award bags”, but on a more manageable scale.

3 Tell Dd Leads them how they made the product great. If people can see they made a difference they’ll talk about it.

4. Host a focus group during product development – As above, but this occurs before the product has even been star Ask past customers what you should do on a new product and then include what they say. You’ve given them an insight in to the product and they’ll talk about it later.


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