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Indonesian citizen Maximum age at time of registration is 27 D3/D4/S1 graduates or final year students in all majors, with diploma/SKL/transcript/course certificate as proof. Have English proficiency Not working Pass Administrative Selection and Substance Testing Online Able to provide training facilities of certain specifications according to the requirements of each training topic (written in the syllabus). *For potential participants with disabilities, they can register for training through the independent provision of facilities and infrastructure to support training. Infrastructure requirements: Participants must have internet access.

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 Windows/Mac/Linux Participants must have a laptop or computer that meets minimum specifications: Processor: Intel Core i3 (Core i5 and above recommended) 64-bit Memory: 2GB (4GB recommended). The Digital Talent Scholarship Program is a free, no-cost ws data training scholarship. Complete information and registration link: —Achmad Ichsan: “Real developers must dream big” A true developer must dream big” Who among us hasn’t dreamed? Of course everyone has a dream. However, not many people can actually achieve this goal. For those who believe the saying “Don’t dream of heights, you’ll get sick” may tend to be insecure and therefore many limit themselves to exploring. Contrary to Achmad Ichsan (22 years old), he has been determined.

To be good at technology since

  GHe was a teenager. Specifically, after college, Ichsan had a unanimous goal of becoming a professional software engineer. Thanks to his determination since his teenage years, it now turns out that this dream was more than just wishful thinking. Even before graduation, by the end of semester 8, Ichsan was already working as a software engineer at DANA, a well-known DD Leads financial technology company. So, how did Yishan realize his dream? Look at his journey. I thought about stuttering technology before, but later I dreamed of being good at technology. Ichiyama has vivid memories of primary school – one of the most difficult subjects for him was the use of technology. Generation Z has become attached to the digital age.

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