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To deepen understanding of our three research themes. The next theme of focus is the Sentient World. Consider these key questions when contributing to the conversation on your blog or website: Sentient World rolls up trends like internet of things, body data, big data, cloud computing, nfc and beyond, I presented a keynote at LeWeb discussing this theme, see video. Once the information exchange begins, how can companies and users participate? How do dialog and conversation shift as consumers begin establishing relationships with inanimate objects? Altimeter Blog What content should organizations offer.

How can employees

Customers, and partners leverage this content? What are the pertinent elements of “new data” that should be used as signals and metrics of interaction, performance, and satisfaction, or its opposite? What are the appropriate metrics, and how is success measured in this new world? Additional blog ring information and related Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data posts on the Dynamic Customer Journey can be found here. Look here for Adaptive Organization posts. Sentient World What’s smarter: A college grad, or your future fridge? The details: The research theme of focus for July and August will be Sentient World (SW).

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As more inanimate objects start to develop data and intelligence as they connect to each other, a network of autonomous interactions will emerge. In the future, our devices will be able to manage, analyze, report, predict, forecast, and more – while humans experience their days more intelligently and efficiently. Understanding Taiwan WhatsApp Number List the intersection between physical and digital, while discerning signal from noise will become base-level survival. Therefore, skills for organizations. Read the full SW description on our website. Be on the lookout for each Altimeter analyst to share their take.

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