Field Notes Touring Techcrunch Disrupt 2012

Techcrunch Disrupt held in San Francisco. I also attended in 2011 and published my notes. I’ve been attending Techcrunch events since they were held in Mike Arrington’s backyard with beers, bbq, and a bouncing black lab over 5 years ago. They’ve come a very long way and Mark Zuckerberg said it was larger than his own Facebook conference. There was an all-star cast of tech-arati including Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, Marc Benioff, Jack Dorsey. Therefore, Tim Draper, Field Notes Ben Horowitz, David Sachs, Kevin Rose, Aaron Levie, Cory Booker, and even Jessica Alba.

In addition to the main stage

Pronouncements there was 204 companies in the startup alley as well as vertical specific days, and 125 in the international rows. I attended the third day, which had many international startups, as well as hardware innovators. Here are Philippines WhatsApp Number Data some of the interesting companies segmented by market: Early Funding Birth B2B, SMB, and Enterprise Startups New opportunities to serve businesses, both small business, enterprise and local merchants emerged, here’s a few worth noting: Taptara: The real standout enterprise player. Therefore, I saw was Taptera, which stems from former Genetech mobile team.

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Who spun off this enterprise class

Provider of mobile apps that stem around field productivity. Collab, and collateral features. They have 6 major features including a directory system called Colleagues, Collateral built on Salesforce for curated content. Crescendo built on which offers presentation features for tablets and beyond, an Events feature that Disrupt Mexico WhatsApp Number List was built on, and Concierge a Social profile CRM tool for sales teams. Business model is $10 a month per seat, with 20 employees, and only 15 mos . In conclusion,old after raising just over $3.25m (pic) Alicanto. This novel approach for SMB retail: Alicanto is a virtual CMO.

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