An SEO Checklist for New Sites

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If you’re working on the behalf of a client, or as an in house SEO, like any area of business it’s vital to get your relationship off to a great start. After all it is a lot easier to keep a good relationship if you get off to the right start, compared to the difficulty of getting it back on track should things begin to get a little bit sour.


Meet With Them!

This may seem pretty obvious, but if you Austria Business Fax List can meet up with your potential client face to face as opposed to communicating via e-mail or telephone. I know by definition we’re techy geek types (don’t try to deny it!) but if we can show that we are (relatively) human we can be more than a voice on the telephone or a person that sends e-mails.

Get to Understand the Business

Fax Lists

Your client understands their business and you should do your best to as well. If you can do this, you will be able to make better judgement calls on Dd Leads all aspects of the project such as keyword selection and content creation. You’ll also have something extra to talk about to your client as in my experience just about every business owner loves to talk about their business!

Be Realistic: Define Achievable Goals
If you’re just starting out in the world of SEO, or if you’re desperate to get a client/a job then you may fall into the trap of saying “yes” when you really shouldn’t. It’s important that you define achievable goals from the outset and be completely honest. For example you may be meeting with a potential client who demands their brand new website gain a top ranking for “Car Insurance” within a few months and no marketing budget. If you went along with this unachievable goal, how do you think your relationship would be looking like a few months in, even if you were overachieving? It’s all about being realistic and managing expectations from the outset.

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