Apple Devices Outpace Birth Rate

It was just a little over a decade ago. When Apple had just a small share of overall tech sales. It’s amazing the come back they’ve had over the past years. Yesterday, Apple released their Q4, 2012 financial results (36.0 billion in revenues and quarterly net profit of $8.2 billion) and. Shared some of the stats of devices sold. The sales rate is impressive for a company that’s made a quick rebound into media, devices. And technology over the last few years and wanted to put it into context. To illustrate, I decided to run some numbers and compare the product rates compared to something we can relate to.

Here’s what I found

Apple Sells 23k Devices Each Hour During this past quarter, Apple sold: 26.9 million iPhones 14.0 million iPads 4.9 million Macs 5.3 million iPods = 51.1 million total devices sold in one quarter 23,657 devices sold per hour. (Divided 51m by 90 days, then 24 hours) Earth Receives 15k New Humans Each Hour During this Russia WhatsApp Number Data past quarter, let’s compare the global birthrate I found online a few sources of global human birthrate, but resulted  settling on CIA estimates that reveal 362,880 births a day. 252 worldwide births per minute 15,120 births hour Apple Devices Sold Outpaces Global Birthrate Comparing Apple.

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Devices sold to the number

Humans born, 23,657 devices sold per hour, while there are 15, 120 humans born per hour. That means that on average, if only newborn babies were to receive Apple devices, they would get 1.5 devices per quarter, or 6 devices Switzerland WhatsApp Number List a year. To put the stats side by side: Apple sells 23,657 devices per hour Earth receives 15,120 new births hour 1.56 ratio of Apple products over global births Looking at Apple profits (beyond revenue) they announced $8.2b in profits for the quarter, which is staggering, and it was reported Apple has $121b in cash, enough to buy a space station.

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