The Four Elements of Career Management

Invite your comments to add to the discussion. Like managing your own money, business, or family, careers need a strategic approach. Many business folk get over focused in their current job, unable to see the areas of defencieny in the other areas of their career, and some over-focus on education and are unable to convince employers they have the experience. The savvy business person has balance across at least four elements. While I’m not a career coach, these observations are just mine from interacting with a broad set of executives, leaders, and up and comers. I’ve found that they manage four elements.

Education Capability

Obtaining applicable current market skills, Network (growing a community that opts in to help you) 4) Experience (proof that you’ve done it before, and can do it again). Also, these elements are geared towards the market I serve: Business. It may not be applicable to specific skilled positions, medicine, military careers, and areas New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data I don’t have viewpoints on. First, an assumption: Anyone who’s strategically investing in the four elements has already demonstrated career tablestakes of: seeking a market of opportunity, desire and personal motivation, ability to effectively communicate in person and online.

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Understand social dynamics

Working with others. If one doesn’t have those baseline skills it’s hard to glean benefits from the following four elements: The Four Elements of Career Management in Business Element Description What No One Tells You 1) Education Malaysia WhatsApp Number List This includes both formal training (degree/certs/classes) as well as self-training (reading, ongoing classes, books, reading blogs). Successful careers often start here. Getting education to understand the broad concepts and overview of your industry is crucial. However, don’t over-invest here without having experience.

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