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From the sharing movement and have compiled a list of brands that are already participating, like Barclays, Toyota, BMW, and Wal-Mart. [This rising behavior is being caused by three major trends: social, economic, and technology drivers] Three Market Forces Drive the Collaborative Economy Analysis of Three Market Drivers: The Causes for the Collaborative Economy In the research interviews, books, and content I’ve digested, I’ve found some. However, patterns relative to the causes of the movement. I don’t expect this to be a comprehensive list, and I request your additions.

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Do you want to know why? We’re conducting research in a pragmatic method to find out why. Then we will publish what companies should do to respond. Below is a preview of the upcoming report. [Consumers don’t need to Brazil WhatsApp Number Data continually buy from companies as they are sharing, renting and lending goods & services among themselves I’m knee deep . Therefore, in interviews for the upcoming report on this topic, the Collaborative Economy, which will answer how corporations can be part of this sharing movement and not be left behind. In my previous post, I made the case that this is the next phase of Social Business.

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Social Drivers Social Drivers Root Cause Example Population Density While also listed in Economic Drivers, denser population enables sharing to happen with less friction. Zipcar took off in urban San Francisco, where owning Switzerland Phone Number List a car is impractical. Zipcar’s scattered storage lots give customers quick access to wheels, often walking distance. Mindset of Sustainability Greening, Cleaning, and Sustainability have been hot topics for years. This bolsters the need for economic conservation and long term thinking. Many of the startups we interviewed explained that. In conclusion, this is about re-use or preservation of resources.


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