B2B vs. B2C Copywriting All You Need to Know

In B2C marketing (business to customer), you’re addressing the needs of a single individual, family, or household. These are everyday consumers making personal decisions solely for themselves or their loved ones.

But with B2B marketing (business to business), you’re speaking directly to another business owner or someone otherwise in charge of making a buying decision on behalf of a larger team. Consumer decisions are less personal in this context and more technical or professional.

Differences Between B2C and B2B Copywriting

There are several areas where the copywriter will have to make adjustments to effectively speak to their audience based on whether this audience is made up of consumers or other businesses. These are the places where B2B writing and B2C writing are the most divergent. Keep the following in mind when developing a B2C or B2B content strategy:

Tone sets the stage for how the topic will be approached. When encountering content for the first time, the customer will often experience the tone first. And that will determine for them whether they proceed and consume Ws Database the content or turn and walk away. This means that it must be spot-on and have the appropriate tone for the customer.

B2B: When it comes to B2B sales, the purchasing decision usually takes a lot longer for a B2B audience. They typically prefer to research something before making a purchase so their decisions will be slower and more methodical. The tone is usually more formal or professional while the content is very detailed and heavy on information.

B2C: The B2C audience often makes decisions rather quickly although sometimes they do research and consider their options. Because you are marketing directly to humans for human values, needs, and goals, this calls for a more lighthearted approach. Articles may be shorter, and the tone may be more conversational. Engagement is the goal here so shorter, livelier articles are often preferred.

Number of buyers
This does not refer to the number of individual buyers, but rather the number of individuals involved in the buying decision.

Customer persona A target

A persona is a semi-fictional individual designed to represent a hypothetical member of your target audience and better help a copywriter connect with the human being reading their writing.

B2B: A B2B representative will make decisions on behalf of an entire team or company. They’ll also have long-term goals in mind DD Leads when considering options, so focus on their professional role when considering buyer personas.

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