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My experience as a YouTuber 365 days after launching Street Personal Branding. Advantages and disadvantages. What is better, blog, YouTube or a podcast to work on your Personal Brand? Year of Street In this article I talk about the experience I have had with this project, its good things, the less good things and what my recommendations are if you are looking for the perfect channel to enhance your personal strategy. Today I want to talk about my experience with the Street Personal Branding YouTube channel that I opened a year ago with Andrés Pérez Ortega , everything it gave us, the difficulties we have had and the results we have obtained with this project.

This post is aimed

At all those people who do not know which channel to choose to work on their personal brand or who want to open their video channel but are afraid because they think executive email list that they are not good at it or that they do not know how to communicate correctly. I want to remove those barriers that we all put up when we don’t feel comfortable with something. I myself have made this mistake with my personal channel and that is why I have written this post because I know that it can be very useful to others in this situation. Who knows you are one of them . Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about how Podcasts are in fashion and that the reach is very good. And when something becomes fashionable, everyone jumps on it.

Year of Street is that

I haven’t tried it, and I’m not saying it isn’t like that. But one thing is clear to me, by listening to you. They can get an idea of ​​what you are like, but by seeing you in. Action DD Leads on your YouTube channel they not only listen to you. But also see you and perceive you much better (your gestures, movements, actions, etc.). And the impact. that leaves is much higher . I can tell you that right now if I had to choose between one of these channels, my choice would be the YouTube channel without a doubt. And for one simple reason, when I go to give classes, workshops or conferences someone always comes up to me and says .

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