FBI Focuses on Social, Business, and High Tech

This post is to bridge the tech leaders in corporations (the focus of this blog) with tangential organizations with similar missions. Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to visit the FBI in their San Francisco office to learn about the organization in an unclassified briefing. Many of the Web Strategy readers attracts both business savvy and tech skilled talent, who may want to learn how it applies to their existing jobs, the business they work at, FBI Focuses and even potential careers. The old days of G-man combatting pin stripped tommy gun toting gangsters has moved on.

Today’s investigations

Thwart terrorist attacks, foreign espionage, and a myriad of cyber attacks both domestic and foreign. Here’s three things I learned on how technology and business are key to the mission of the FBI: FBI uses many technologies, including Mexico WhatsApp Number Data Social Networks. I posed questions about how they used technology both in crime fighting and defense, but also for outreach to their own communities. They’re currently using social channels to share the major milestones in investigations and told me they have unsurprisingly direct relationships with Facebook and Twitter.

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While they were not explicit

On the scope of the relationship, I would assume they’ve ability to obtain data in the terms of a specific investigation (mashable has more), however they did disclose they do not have “files” on every single citizen, as focus is on Cambodia WhatsApp Number List individuals who are criminals, and most Americans, are not (edit). My further tech questions didn’t get a lot of answers, which is appropriate to protect their investigative methods. FBI is actively recruiting experienced business and high tech professionals. The FBI applicant washout rate is high: while 60,000 apply online about a mere 400 make it to final stages to be one of the elite.

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