How to Get Links While Helping Non-Profit Organizations


Since March 2011 I’m a supporter of Save the Children with a sponsorship (the child I support is called Christopher and lives in Malawi). Before you read this article, I invite you to consider making a donation to a non-profit organization and help some people less lucky than ourselves.

And now, let’s come to the intent of this post: as the title says, its aim is doing link building and at the same time trying to do some charity. Let me explain how …

We all know that donations are an effective building links mean, but, maybe for lack of adequate financial resources or lack of ideas, I know very few people who engage in this activity.

To both the possible impediments, I give you a simple answer

1. Find a non-profit organization with an affiliate program

Usually, non-profit organizations rely on Australia Business Fax List intermediaries, so you can look at the major affiliation sites to find which of them has an active affiliate program in your country or worldwide (in Italy, for example, we have Save the Children and SOS Villaggio dei bambini). When you have found one, apply for it with your website.

2. Create an effective landing page


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Probably the affiliate programs will provide quite convincing images, but you may need to supplement them with text, layout, graphics and calls to Dd Leads action. Before going online, you may have to test some different versions of your landing page with your friends and family (however, people not involved in web marketing) and ask them which of these landing pages convinces them more to make a donation.

3. Say that you also donate

Emphasize that for each donation you are going to add a contribution of xx%. This is the fundamental part, since what differentiates yours from other landing pages, is that you’re not just encouraging visitors to support a charity, but promise to do some with them.

The percentage that you donate can be the one that the affiliate program recognizes for the lead (basically, you’re giving back the earned commissions) but if you will, of course, you can choose to donate a little more. In this case, if you have a very visited website and you fear that the number.

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