The Rhythm of The Software Industry

Gives us clues on where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Have you ever noticed a set of patterns in the industry that come in sequence? A series of startups getting funded, or acquired in rapid sequence? Or perhaps. A series of software suites that offer you the chance to be a lighthouse early adopter client with all the bells and whistles at a low cost? For the astute. You may be noticing a natural pattern that our industry goes through, every year. Just as our bodies, the planet, and weather go through natural rhythms and cycles. Technology markets also have their own set of cadence and flows.

While the below patterns

I’ve observed over the years the software space has it’s own natural rhythm, and I’d like to share my industry observations. Winter VC vacations influences market moves. Strangely, much of this stems from when VCs go on vacation. The Rhythm I’ve been spending more time on Sand Hill road, to understanding how their funding impacts the market years out. VCs have competency in guiding a company, influencing direction, and brokering a sale. The second Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data half of Dec is often the quiet period from Sand Hill as many a VC takes an extended vacation.

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During this time

Deal flow comes to a crawl, and people spend time with their families. It’s very difficult for a startup to quickly sell if their investors and board of directors are away. Brands also prepare their budgets in winter, and ready for Indonesia WhatsApp Number List purchasing or renewing contracts, causing an influx of resources in software startups. Spring spurs funding and acquisition talks. In the second and third month of the year, we start to see some checks being written, and I saw two B rounds funded in my own space, and a handful of others. Often, the corp dev leads start the acquisition hunt in spring.

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