Pay Yourself First

Email, while a dominant form of business communication isn’t effective. The more you respond, the more emails you’ll receive. The tool is over burdened for its initial use case. You’re teaching your network you’ll forever be reactive. I pay myself first. I focus my priorities on the tools that will maximize my time. For example, rather than responding to multiple emails or conversations on one topic. I leverage broadcasting tools, like this very weblog. This isn’t a new concept, as many financial advisers will suggest that you invest in your future (funds, roth, 401) before fully paying down your debt.

In the long run

Your compounded growth of investing in larger payoffs will yield a greater nest egg. This same concept applies to how you spend your time, each morning. Imagine if everyone around us (colleagues, partners, vendors, family) was a little Italy WhatsApp Number Data less reactive, and instead invested a bit more growing themselves, perhaps we’d all be better off. So there you go, resist the instinct to dive into email each morning, instead pay yourself by reading, investing in your wellbeing, or sharing your insights with others. You’ll increase your value by growing, demonstrate to your network you’re not just reactive.

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You’ll hopefully feel

That you’ve accomplished more. Ergo, pay yourself first each morning, don’t check email, as that’s paying someone else. I originally posted elements of this concept a few years ago (and more recently, on Medium), but begs to Italy WhatsApp Number List be resurfaced, as we all need to be reminded of it from time to time. feet (capability to achieve). Examples: To illustrate, here’s some specific examples across different industries of how strategic goals can be communicated with clear tactical elements, in a linear and logical order. I built a list of vendor names, working with Altimeter’s Andrew Jones.

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