The Difference between Strategy and Tactics

Between strategy and tactics, and show how they work in tandem for your organization. Often, we use the terms strategy and tactics interchangeably and in a haphazard manner. When probing at online definitions and dictionaries, they often share many of the same characteristics, making them difficult to differentiate. Rather than debate Greek military etymology, Sun Tzu philosophy, or latest publications from the Harvard Business Press, here’s a simple way to look at strategy and tactics by their associated actions: The difference between strategy and tactics: strategy is done above the shoulders.

Tactics are done below

The shoulders While a tweet-worthy catch phrase, this metaphor risks glib over-simplification. To explore deeper, let’s dissect strategy vs tactics in the following breakdown: Breakdown: The Difference between Strategy and Japan WhatsApp Number Data Tactics Strategy Tactics Purpose To identify clear broader goals that advance the overall organization and organize resources. To utilize specific resources to achieve sub-goals that support the defined mission. Roles Individuals who influence resources in the organization. They understand how a set of tactics work together to achieve goals.

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Specific domain experts

That maneuver limited resources into actions to achieve a set of goals. Accountability Held accountable to overall health of organization. Held accountable to specific resources assigned. Scope All the resources within the organizations, as Singapore WhatsApp Number List well as broader market conditions including competitors, customers, and economy. Yet don’t over think it, to paraphrase my business partner Charlene Li, “Strategy is often what you don’t do”. A subset of resources used in a plan or process. Tactics are often specific tactics with limited resources to achieve broader goals. Duration Long Term, changes infrequently.

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