A Dedicated Content Writer and Virtual Assistant

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Of featured freelancers, today we are proud to announce Shreyashi Gupta – One of the amazing freelancers working on the platform. She is a dedicated content writer and virtual assistant with good communication skills and punctual nature. Shreyashi joined the platform this year only and in a short span of time, She had delivered over 60+ projects to clients all over the world. Let’s look at how Shreyashi used her knowledge and experience to achieve the best projects and clients on the platform. 1. When did you start freelancing and what inspired you? I started my freelancing journey in 2022. The thing that inspired me to start a career in freelancing is to work on my own because I wanted to try something new, be my own boss and do my studies. 2. How long have you been a freelancer.

I possess the skills to get the tasks

I have been doing freelance work for almost 7 months now. And it opened so many great opportunities for me. During this period, I learned multiple skills to work on multiple industries projects. 3. What do you like the most about your skills in content writing and virtual assistant? As a content writer and virtual assistant, the thing I like the most is assisting others in getting their work done in Metal Coal Mining Email List an appropriate way, and along with that, I get to meet a lot of people from various parts of the world which further enhances my personality. 4. Why did you choose virtual assistant and content writing as a career? I decided to be a content writer and virtual assistant because I find myself a perfect fit for that Must Read 9 Top Internet Based Start-ups from India to watch in 2015 work.

What are the most important skills

Required as an article writing and virtual assistant freelancer? The most essential skill for article writing and Virtual Assistant according to me is, first of all, having in-depth knowledge of your skills, patience to undertake research, and willingness to learn more. 6. What are the challenges you have come across in your freelancing career? I faced multiple challenges in the first two months of my DD Leads freelancing journey. I didn’t get any project and was unable to make it through it, but for me, that was all once I started betting on them with the support of my relationship manager I was able to crack great deals and come out with flying colors. 7. What according to you does it take to be a successful freelancer.

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