Optimizing Your Website for Google’s Core Web Vitals: A Must-Know Guide

I am also the creator Optimizing Your of NichoSEO , an SEO blog in which I try to share the best guides that my hands, my mind and my experience are capable of creating. I hope this content, half email marketing, half SEO, helps you build powerful link building campaigns Exclusive Promotion for B30 readers At Blogger3cero we always bet on quality and that is why we use Unancor to purchase links from our niches. Use the code BLOGGER3CERO and get an extra 10% for your first deposit. Take advantage of this coupon Email marketing para potenciar el link building.

In order to send emails Optimizing Your massively and accelerate the link building

I always saw link building as a tool to use industry email list when you really believe that your website has value to contribute, it is a matter of choosing the right moment. For this reason, and after several months creating content, I decided to generate links for two of my most important projects, and what better idea than to be able to document everything and turn it into a link building study I was always curious to know how many links you can get by carrying out email outreach campaigns or also called “cold email campaigns”.

I decided to generate links for two of my most important

I have seen some studies, for example DD Leads this one from Ahrefs , but none that are purely in Spanish and related to our market. So it’s time to find out the truth! How many links or backlinks can be generated through email? Tools used for the study I think it is important to start talking about the tools that are part of this study. In order to send emails massively and accelerate the link building processes via email, I used some tools that helped me automate this whole issue. I’ll tell you what they are below. 1. Google Sheets Basic and fundamental. Necessary to document all the information and to be able to synchronize the template in CSV format to upload to the mailing sending platform.

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