Demystifying Google Core Web Vitals: Your Complete Handbook

A phrase I like to say Demystifying Google sometimes is: “the best link you can get is the one your competition doesn’t have.” Regarding that, I made my point of view clear in this post . One way to get those links is through email outreach campaigns and that is what Sebastián Cardozo, an SEO consultant who has been making a living from SEO for several years, has come to talk to you about today (and a guy I always meet in the SERPS ). I think that once again we are bringing content of a really high level to Blogger3cero, because Sebastián, in addition to sharing his strategy for getting links.

Link building study Demystifying Google in Spanish on how many backlinks

Tells us the tools he uses and even top industry data examples of email templates. Therefore, I leave you with him. Here you have the first link building study in Spanish on how many backlinks you can get by sending emails. Sebastian Cardozo Hello Blogger3Cero readers! It’s a pleasure to be able to share this content with you after Dean contacted me on Twitter (a social network where I am extremely active with SEO and digital marketing tweets). I’ll tell you a little more about myself in case you don’t know me. My name is Sebastián, I am 28 years old, I live in Uruguay and 6 years ago.

Share this content with you after Dean contacted me on Twitter

I discovered digital marketing. At DD Leads that time I was studying to be an economist and it was not a profession that I was passionate about, but well, I didn’t see any other possible option. Additionally, I worked at an accounting firm that was quite far from home, so on the trip to work I discovered some digital marketing podcasts. That sparked my concern and, after many projects, I managed to find my place in the world. You will ask yourself: What is my place in the world?In 2018, together with my partner, we founded Noventaynueve , a digital marketing agency in Uruguay and today, luckily, I make a living doing marketing and SEO, and I am also very happy.

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