Virtual assistants and voice searches

Siri and Alexa are the greatest exponents of one of Virtual assistants the most established marketing trends. Weather forecast, searching for a specific song or movie, checking restaurant hours. its use by users is varied. And the proliferation of devices that include this option does not slow down. In order to give an optimal experience to users who use this resource, brands have optimized the content they offer due to the voice search queries that users make, as well as a reformulation of their keyword strategy. Likewise, virtual assistants continue to take steps to improve interaction with customers and provide better and faster responses.

Virtual Virtual assistants Reality and Augmented Reality

Two revolutionary innovations that have not only top industry data had a great impact on digital marketing, but also in many areas of consumers’ daily lives. Many companies have decided to bet on them to offer a new experience to their community. And how are they achieving it? Together with these two resources, they create immersive and involving experiences in which customers can feel that they have the product or service in their own hands . A realistic experience that helps you decide whether to make the purchase or not. Advertising and electronic games are also exploiting their, for now, infinite possibilities.

Content marketing and SEO

Unique and quality content continues to be a DD Leads differentiating. Factor to achieve notable positioning in the search results of the main search engines. Relevant content can help brands reinforce their authority on a topic and attract their target audience. In the same way, companies and marketing professionals continue to adapt to new search engine algorithms to configure solid SEO strategies . To achieve recognition and the desired conversions, it is crucial to ensure that your content ranks well in search engines and is discovered by potential customers.

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