The Ultimate Guide to Google Core Web Vitals

Luckily, it is a The Ultimate completely free tool. 2. Surfer SEO Surfer SEO has a very interesting functionality that allows you to know for a specific search in the SERPs all the links that have the domains that are on the first page and that you do not have. Surfer SEO Instead of having to go to a competitor to check their link profile, you can do it based on a Google query , this way your chances of getting said links increase since you will find content where your link will fit perfectly. To understand this a little more, let’s see for example the query “SEO tools” where with my blog.

With this list we can The Ultimate do wonders to send outreach email campaigns

I am in position 5: seo tools in category email list surfer seo If we click on “Audit”, to the right of my domain , we see how the tool gives us a list of domains that link to other domains without counting ours: Links you can steal With this list we can do wonders to send outreach email campaigns, since it is a list of all those links that are linking to our competitors for that specific query and that we can “steal” 3. In addition to knowing which domains we will send an email to, of course we need to have the email address of said domains. 

Surfer SEO Instead of having to go to a competitor

Account to get emails Hunter is DD Leads one of the most effective and simple tools to find the emails that a certain website has available. It has a free and a paid version, so use your free credits with caution. Note: Your Chrome extension is a must. 4. My favorite email outreach tool (at the moment). Like Hunter, it also allows me to obtain the emails assigned to the web pages, but the power of the tool is in its ability to create personalized campaigns and be able to regulate each of its pieces , as if it were an automation. Later you will see all its power.

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