Automatic payments and manual payments if you choose

One of the options, you will no longer be able to change it. Automatic payments are made via card or PayPal account. Whenever you reach your set spending limit or monthly billing date, your ads will be charged. Manual payments, on the other hand, are made by charging the funds available on the prepaid balance of the ad account. That is, you add balance to the ad account to be spent. In this mode, Facebook charges the daily expenses directly from the available balance. This template is useful if you are an agent or work at an agency providing ad serving services to clients on Facebook. Instead of having to ask for your customer’s personal data, such as card details and others, or having to use your own, you send your customer a slip corresponding to the investment he is willing to make.

After payment, the balance will be available and you

Can spend it on ads. Another very interesting advantage of this payment method is that you have more control over your investment in ads. Because you’ll know exactly how much you’ve credited to your account, which is a little simpler than other payment methods. If you want  to learn more, also Canadian Colleges Universities Email List check out our complete guide on how to change your Instagram payment method . How to add balance to facebook ad account? Advertising As stated, you will be able to add balance to your ad account if your account is set up for manual payments. Therefore, you must sign in to your Ads Manager account. After that, in the column on the right, go to the icon indicated below. Then go to “ Billing ”. How to add balance to facebook ad account Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard.

Then go to Billing Settings facebook

Billing settings Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard. Afterwards, you will see the available payment options. If the bank slip option is not displayed, it is likely that your account is set up for automatic payments. In this case, the solution will be to create an ad account and set it up DD Leads for manual payments. If the ad account is set up for manual payment then the screen below will appear. There, you will have the option to add balance to your Facebook ad account. So, tap on “ Add payment method “. How to add balance to facebook ad account Facebook payment setup panel. Then, select the “ Boleto Bancário ” option and go to “ Next ”. After that, set the amount you want to add to the Facebook ad account and generate the billet. Advertising Add balance to facebook ads account Facebook.

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