Constancy is a crucial element when you are a content creator

Be it a YouTube channel, blog or TikTok profile. The reason? If you don’t post often, people will simply have a harder time finding your profile — and followers may even forget about you. There’s a ton of content being posted daily, which means your profile can easily be swallowed into oblivion (and even loss of followers) if you aren’t posting consistently. 4 – Use hashtags in the content. Advertising A serious mistake anyone can make when it comes to gaining followers on TikTok (and other social networks) is underestimating the power of hashtags. That’s because they are like tags that you use to categorize the posted video. It’s a way of saying to the platform’s algorithm: “When a user searches for subject X, show my video”. Therefore, use the best hashtags when posting videos and, under no circumstances, fail to tag them.

Another thing: never put hashtags that have

Nothing to do with the content of the video. If you do this, you will be seen as dishonest by the platform, which will punish your profile engagement. 5 – Share your videos on other platforms. You don’t have to fish in just one lake. Neither should. Cast the net Home Furniture and Equipment Stores Email List elsewhere. What we are saying  is that you can share your videos in other places on the internet, like WhatsApp and Facebook. Advertising It’s what we call cross-promotion — and it will earn you a TikTok following. Oh, and if you already have a lot of followers on another social network, applying this trick is even more advantageous. Enjoy! 6 – Make partnerships with other profiles on TikTok. It’s a matter of perspective: the other profiles, especially those who produce content for the same target audience that you produce, are not your opponents.

You don’t have to see them that way

They can be your allies. And they should. Then create friendships with other profiles that post content similar to yours. Collaborate with them. Together, plan to create videos where both of you will benefit. Collaborating is a promising way to gain followers on TikTok, so go for it. Some ways to start this are to comment on videos of potential partners, follow them DD Leads and send them a private message. 7 – Publish at peak times. Do you know what is so efficient to gain followers on TikTok as posting frequently? Post at the most strategic times on the platform, that is, at peak times. They are, basically, times when most of your followers will be active, and that means they will be more likely to view the videos you post. And you know how this math works: with a large number of views.

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