If you ask anyone who is involved in the short video market

Like those working on TikTok, Kwai, and even YouTube Shorts , they might say that TikTok’s popularity is way higher than the other two. This becomes true when you look at TikTok’s large user base spread all over the world: US, Europe, Asia and of course South America, where we are. Let’s go to the data: while Kwai has more than 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok goes ahead with its 4.48 billion, with 1 billion of them regularly active on the network. Algorithm and content discovery Advertising Both TikTok and Kwai have promising algorithms. That is, they have the ability to efficiently customize a user’s experience on the platform, making it as pleasant as possible and thus keeping them consuming content for a long time. However, when we talk specifically about the TikTok algorithm, it has been much more praised than Kwai, as it manages.

In other words, TikTok manages to strategically map

A user’s preferences and, based on that, personalize his entire experience. That’s exactly what you might have thought: the tastiest video menu on Earth. Some of the components that this efficient TikTok algorithm relies on are: Continuous feedback: the platform takes into account Cable and Pay Tv Services Email List all user interactions, such as likes, comments and reactions, to adapt recommendations; Valuing fresh content: You may have heard that new TikTok users can easily go viral if they apply basic tips. Well, that’s true, after all, the platform values ​​the discovery and dissemination of new content – even if you have few followers; Machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence: through these technologies, TikTok continuously analyzes user behavior patterns, further personalizing the content consumption experience. Resources and tools Advertising Both social networks have features and video editing tools, however, there are certain particularities that.

What we mean is that TikTok wins this race

as it is made up of a range of tools that give its users various editing possibilities. Special (and innovative) filters, advanced editing features that will make you think “How is this possible!?” and soundtracks are just a few examples. Once you start using the platform, you’ll see the DD Leads gigantic shelf of features unfolding in front of you. In short, TikTok, due to its composition, ends up helping users to create more creative videos, unlike Kwai, which, even though it also has tools in this regard, is a little behind. Social media trends and culture You know what we’re talking about: those viral challenges that people like in a few minutes — and before you know it, you’re the one creating videos following the same “vibe”. Advertising Well these viral challenges and culture trend happen on both social media.

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