You have two options with the green screen to use

A photo as your background, choose the green icon with a photo and a down arrow. To use the video as a background, choose the green icon with a video and an up arrow. Choose the image or video you want to use and then press the record button to record yourself superimposed on this background. To add more videos with new backgrounds, repeat the process, apply the effect and record. TikTok will unite them. When finished recording, click the checkmark to go to the editing screen. Apply any additional filters, voice effects or voiceovers here and click Next to go to the post screen. 6 – Trick to zoom in while recording. When you create a TikTok video, it’s very important to add variations like cropping and/or changing angles. This makes your video more dynamic and tends to hold the viewer’s attention more.

In addition to cropping and angle changes

You can also include zooming. It’s perfect for that moment when you emphasize an important point. However, if you notice, to record a video in the application, you need to keep your finger pressed on the shutter. So how to zoom while recording? It’s simple! With your finger pressed Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturers Email List on the recording shutter, slide it up. By doing this, your camera will zoom and to return, just slide down. 7 – Trick to find lost video on TikTok. When we’re on TikTok’s FY, it’s common for the page to refresh by accident and we end up losing the video we were watching. How to find this video when Fyp has been updated? Follow these steps: In the app, tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen. In the search field, enter the term related to the video you were watching, tap Search.

Still at the top right of the screen

Next to the search bar, tap the filter icon. Enable the Videos watched in the last 7 days option and tap Apply. TikTok will retrieve all videos related to the DD Leads search term you entered that you’ve watched in the past 7 days. Scroll down the page and find the video you were watching. TikTok trick to increase the quality of the published video. Advertising This trick allows you, when posting your video, to configure the application to enable uploading high quality videos. This means that your videos can be posted in high quality, which undoubtedly makes the viewer experience better and contributes to your engagement. To enable this option, on the last screen before posting, find More options and tap on it. Afterwards, enable the Allow high quality upload option . Note: Some users have reported not finding this option.

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