5 ways to increase the quality of photos on Instagram

By increase the quality of photos on Instagram Fonte: Depositphotos. Advertising Let’s say you’ve just taken a selfie at a perfect angle and lighting so favorable that it seems like a miracle. You then post the photo to your Instagram feed. However, soon afterwards, he bitterly realizes a problem: the photo that, until then, was perfectly clear, is now nothing more than a blurry image with no quality. And you know what’s even worse than that? This quality loss issue doesn’t only occur when you post a photo in the feed, but also when you post it in stories. Enough of that! Whether you have a personal profile or a business profile, it is imperative that you learn how to increase the quality of your photos on Instagram. We prepared a complete content on the subject, keep reading to understand better.

Why does Instagram reduce the quality of photos

Instagram reduces the quality of photos for certain reasons, and you need to be aware of all of them so you don’t have to deal with the headache we just exemplified. So… why does Instagram reduce the quality of a photo? Some of them involve the standard resolution and proportion Local Marketing Email List that the platform establishes: if you post a photo that does not comply with these aspects, the social network even allows publication, however, it reduces the quality of the image. If you post a photo with a lower resolution than Instagram’s minimum standard, guess what? It increases the width of the image to 320 pixels — and you know the disappointing results this brings. In an opposite scenario, in which you post a photo in a resolution higher than the maximum allowed, the opposite occurs: Instagram reduces the size of the photo to 1080 pixels, which automatically throws its quality down the drain.

5 ways to increase the quality of photos on Instagram

Advertising We know it’s frustrating to come up with great ideas for Instagram photos. Only to discover that they lose their original quality in the end. It’s okay, loss of photo DD Leads quality happens, however, it’s totally preventable. This, of course, is only possible if you take certain steps, and we’ve listed the top 5 below. 1 – Post in the ideal size. Maybe you don’t know this or never even realized it. But social networks have different parameters when it comes to the following factor: minimum/maximum file size. And what does this have to do with the quality of a photo? All! If an image does not comply with the parameters established by Instagram, for example, it will reduce its quality to “shape” it and, in this way, allow the publication to be completed. Therefore, in scenarios like this, knowing how to increase the quality of photos on Instagram.

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