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Their platforms therefore, it is very important that shopkeepers have their website domains verified in order to have access to Facebook’s exclusive tools. Why verify domain on Facebook? Advertising If you own an online store and want to take advantage of all the features that Facebook makes available to business accounts, verifying your website domain on Facebook will be crucial for this. For example, those who want to activate the shopping function on Instagram need to verify the domain, as this is the only way they will be able to acquire the shopping function for their Instagram. Or suppose you want to install a Facebook Pixel on your website, verification will allow you to capture potential customers through that Pixel. But, this will only be possible if your website domain is properly verified. In addition, Facebook and Instagram e-commerce stores can have many advantages when integrating.

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Such as the possibility of directing consumers to checkout on their website, for example. So domain verification in Facebook Business Manager is essential for social media store. Requirements to verify domain on Facebook Advertising To verify a website domain on Facebook, the first step is to purchase a website domain. There are several websites that sell domains. For acquisition Construction Email List of national domains, that is, with .br ending, you can buy the registration through the website Registro.br. .com domain is usually more expensive. You can find national sites with cheap offers, however, the annual renewal price increases considerably. You get a .com domain cheaper than any national site by purchasing from Namecheap for $5.98 through our affiliate link. Advertising Even though this price is in US dollars, it is cheaper than most national sites. In this sense, there are two possibilities to buy a website domain.

New or expired the difference between

These two types of domains is that expired domains often already have a presence on Google. That is, you will have the advantage of having a domain that is much easier to rank on Google. At first, buy a domain using your personal login and avoid using a third party. After purchasing DD Leads the domain you must register it with your personal data. This is necessary for you to access the domain configuration panel and make the necessary changes. Facebook Domain Verification with Registro.br To verify a website domain at Registro.br, you must first obtain hosting for that domain. Only after hosting the domain can you verify it using the DNS zone settings in your server’s dashboard. A great company that offers hosting services is Hostinger. Advertising In fact, it was at Hostinger where our website was hosted during its first 2 years.

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