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Geek for 24 hours. If you want reliable, cheap and cost-effective hosting, we recommend purchasing a Hostinger plan . After hosting your website domain, you will verify the domain by following the instructions presented in the Facebook Business Manager. So after buying your domain at, create a hosting account and point the domain to it. How to verify domain in Business Manager? The domain verification process on Facebook follows these steps: Buy and register the domain. Sign in to Business Manager. Go to Business Settings go to the Brand Safety section. Go to Domains and add the domain. Choose a verification method and follow the instructions. Confirm domain ownership. Right after purchasing and registering the domain, it’s time to add it to your Facebook business account. Continuing, log into the account and in the left column select the ” Brand Safety ” tab.

Then click on add domain verification on

Facebook Enter your website domain and tap “ Add ” again . Advertising domain verification in Facebook Business Manager Soon after, three verification options will be displayed: 1. DNS verification; 2. HTML file loading check; 3. Meta tag verification. facebook domain Holding and Investment Offices Email List verification. How to Verify Domain on Facebook with Hostinger Hosting If you have a Hostinger hosting account, you can follow the instructions below to verify your domain on Facebook. Domain Verification by DNS TXT Record. DNS verification consists of inserting a record into your domain’s DNS Zone information. When selecting this verification option on Facebook, a text will be generated. Copy the text displayed on the screen. Then log into your hosting account. You must locate the DNS Zone settings panel to enter a new record containing the text you copied. Below is an example of how to enter registration for a Hostinger hosting account.

On your Hostinger hosting account tap

The “ Manage ” button for your domain. Entering facebook verification domain information Then click on the “ DNS/ Nameservers ” tab. In the Manage DNS records section , in the Type tab select “ TXT ” and in the TXT value field paste the information you copied from DD Leads Facebook. When finished, click on “ Add record “. tela zone dns hostinger After that, go to the Facebook Business Dashboard. Then tap verify and you’re done. If verification is not approved, wait for a period of 24 hours. This is the maximum time for DNS Zone information changes to propagate. Verifying domain by loading HTML file on website. Advertising Another way to verify website domain ownership on Facebook is by uploading an HTML file to the website’s file directory. In that case, you will need to have a hosting account.

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