In the example below, the site is hosted on hostinger and administered

On WordPress. Log in to your account’s hosting dashboard and go to ” File Manager “.  Screenshot 46 A tab will open, and you will see the name of the file. Wait for confirmation of domain ownership verification on Facebook. After that, click on “Finish”. Facebook domain verification Checking domain by meta-tag. This is the same case as the second form of verification. That is, you are considered to have a website hosting account. In this sense, access the public_html>wp-content>themes> theme name> path in the same file panel and open the “header.php” file.

After that, insert the meta tag before the and save

Then clear the site’s cache. Screenshot 63 Go back and tap the meta tag verification link. facebook domain verification A window will open directed to your website. After that, go back and tap on “verify”. Wait for domain verification. Ready! Your domain is Security and Commodity Brokers Email List verified on Facebook. If you can’t verify, don’t forget to clear the site’s cache. This allows the browser to find the meta tag. Facebook domain verification How to Verify Facebook Domain by DNS TXT on Cloudflare Advertising Many websites use Cloudflare’s CDN to offer faster website loading speed to their visitors. But, this is only possible when Cloudflare is the DNS Zone manager for the domain. If that’s the case for you, to perform DNS TXT verification on Cloudflare, follow the steps below. Log in to your Cloudflare account and click on your website. painel cloudflare Click DNS Settings.

Painel cloudflare 2 Follow these steps to create the record

Click Add Record . Under type, select TXT . In the Name field, type “@” without quotes. In Content enter the text that you copied in the Business Manager panel. Click Save . painel cloudflare 3 Wait a few minutes and verify your domain in the Facebook dashboard. Conclusion DD Leads in this tutorial you learned how to verify website domain ownership on Facebook. As we have seen, there are three methods to carry out the verification. You don’t necessarily need to have your website active. Although it is noticeable the difficulty of approving certain features when you don’t have an active website yet. For this reason, we recommend that you activate your site. Before requesting approval for some commerce features on Facebook or Instagram.

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