In the next step choose your ad placements here you can

Select which Meta products you want to show your ads on. There is also an Automatic Placements option . By selecting this option, Meta will optimize your ad delivery to appear on placements that perform well. 8 Under Optimization and Delivery , choose the type of conversion you want to optimize your campaign for. For paid Facebook traffic, the best option is to optimize for Landing Page Views . Although the Link Clicks option looks interesting, it is not the most suitable option, as a person can click on the ad link and, for whatever reason, not see the page content. By selecting to optimize for Landing Page Views , you ensure that Facebook’s algorithms will optimize ad serving to people who are likely to view your Page content. Note: To use the Landing Page View optimization Facebook Pixel on your landing page.

This way, the Pixel will send conversion events

Every time someone visits your page through your campaign. Finally, click Next . 9 On the ads settings screen, choose your media like Facebook Page and Instagram Account . 10 Follow the settings flow and create the ad. Then click Publish . Your campaign will be sent for review Tobacco Products Manufacturers Email List and, if approved, it will start running. 11 Where to send Facebook paid traffic? If you are interested in paid traffic, then you should know that you need to have a destination for it, which could be a social network, a landing page, a website or a page. As we said before, one of the main factors that impact the price of paid traffic is tracking conversions. When you set up a conversion tracking tag, you give Facebook information about your ad’s performance, as a result, Facebook improves your delivery.

At this point, some destinations for your paid traffic

May not provide the opportunity for conversion tracking. They are for example: social networks, instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and other similar ones. Without proper conversion tracking, you’re left in the dark, especially if your campaign is set DD Leads to optimize based on pageviews. But there is an excellent tool for you to solve this problem and drive your traffic and that is the biolink pages. You can create your biolink page with our Aveli Biolink tool and easily configure your Pixel. By creating a biolink page, you can add products directly to the page and access conversion information. Now, if you sell products or services, paid traffic could be the boost you needed to launch your e-commerce or website.

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