Slideshow Ads offer an easy way to create short video ads from a

Collection of existing photos, text or video. Slideshow ads have compelling motion, just like videos, but use five times less data. So they load well even for people on slow internet connections. They are an easy and effective way to get attention. Collection ads. These paid Facebook ads, which are only offered for mobile devices, allow you to show five images or videos that customers can click to purchase a product or service. This ad format matches Instant Experiences and allows people to buy your products without having to leave Facebook. It facilitates online shopping when people are busy. Instant Experience Ads. Instant Experience ads are a full-screen ad format that loads 15x faster than a non-Facebook mobile site. How to Create Paid Traffic Campaign on Facebook We’ll assume you’ve already created.

Facebook Business Manager account and an ad

Account if not, click the link and follow the tutorial. From there, you must access your Business Manager account and click on Ads Manager. In the main panel, find and click the Create button . two Select the Traffic campaign type . Then click the down arrow and enter Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List your campaign name, ad set name and ad name. Then click Continue . 3 On this first screen, there is nothing to do. So, tap Next . 4 The ad set settings tab is one of the key steps when creating your campaign. Start by choosing where you want to drive traffic. In this example, we selected the Site option . This means that the purpose of the campaign is to send people to a page on a website. 5 The next step is to configure how Facebook will spend your budget.

Click the arrow and choose between the

Daily budget and Total budget options , then enter the amount corresponding to the campaign budget. In this example, we selected the Total Budget option . This means that Facebook will have the autonomy to spend the budget throughout the duration of the campaign, thus being DD Leads able to spend more on some days and less on others, but it will never spend the entire budget before the end date. In the Schedule section, choose the start date and time and end date and time for the campaign. Advertising Note that, in the column to your right, a panel is displayed with the estimated audience size and daily reach of the campaign. 6 In the Audience section, define your target audience parameters. Choose location, then age, gender, and finally select interests related to your audience. In this section you can still limit your audience by including.

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