So now that you know these basic monetization rules on Facebook

Time to learn how to start making real money. 3 ways to monetize on Facebook Advertising Next, check out the 3 ways to monetize on Facebook and earn money with your page. 1 – Monetize Facebook groups Monetization in Facebook groups takes place through the subscription of fans, which works as a financial support in which users pay a certain amount to the content creator each month. They will pay for the subscription in exchange for exclusive features, such as being able to join more restricted groups where they will be closer to you. 2 – Monetize Facebook Live Lives are another way to monetize on the platform. With this feature, you can create interesting content and broadcast it live: game streams, product launches, events. The possibilities of what you present in a live are diverse.

For content producers to be able to monetize on

Facebook through lives, there are some ways. The most common of these (widely used on other platforms that monetize via live streaming) are stars: users buy Heavy Construction Contractors Email List and send them during the broadcast as a way of appreciating and thanking them for the content they are consuming. By the way, a tactic to stimulate users and make them send more stars is to set a star target during the live. By clarifying this and saying that you have the help of viewers, you increase the chances of earning more stars. When a certain amount of stars has accumulated, the creator can then convert them into cash: Facebook pays USD $0.01 per star. Also read: How to add balance to your Facebook ad account 3 – Monetize with stream ads This monetization works similarly to YouTube monetization.

Here, Facebook will display ads from its

Partners before, during and after the videos you publish on your page. If the audience interacts with the ads, you earn a certain amount. In addition to this way, you DD Leads can also earn money through the ads that appear during your page’s live streams. In this case, as this is real-time content creation, the ads are shown live, but users can still see the creator on a smaller screen. This prevents them from missing the content. In addition, it is now also possible to monetize some videos located in the Newsfeed or Watch. Finally, you just need to pay attention to some points regarding this monetization. For example, for on-demand videos, your page must have a minimum of 10k followers, 600k minutes of views over the last 2 months, and at least 5 active videos. As for live videos, you also need.

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