You need to know the monetization rules they the monetization

Policies for Partners, will be a guide for you to be sure you are walking the right path. This is because such rules are applied to different types of content, whether posted on pages, events or groups. Knowing and practicing them, therefore, will prevent you from adopting practices that will prevent you from monetizing on Facebook. For example, some basic rules that you need to keep an eye on are posting content in places on the platform that allow monetization (pages, groups and events) and establishing a fixed presence of at least 30 days on the platform so that, only then, be able to monetize. In addition to these rules, however, you need to consider other issues to be able to monetize on Facebook. Look. Live in qualifying country You must reside in a country where the monetization feature is available.

If you live in an eligible country but move

To a non-eligible country, you will lose monetization ability. Follow Facebook’s Community Standards Advertising The Community Standards are rules that apply to all types of posts and interactions on the platform. Some examples of these are those referring Special Trade Contractors Email List ┬áto hate speech, incitement to violence, sexual behavior and inauthentic content. If the content creator violates these rules, they will also lose eligibility for monetization. So, if you believe you’ve violated these rules (because this could happen unintentionally), just check to see if you’ve received any notifications. Follow the Monetization Policies In addition to the Community Standards. You must also comply with additional rules that are in the Monetization Policies. They are a little more rigid, either with regard to the content itself or the format of the content.

Publishing content flagged as misinformation

Fake news, clickbait, sensationalism, and any content deemed illegal by an authorized entity are examples of this. share original content Advertising It is also only DD Leads possible to monetize. On Facebook if you share content that you yourself created, were involved in some. Way in the process or in which you appear directly as a creator. Monetize authentic engagement In order to monetize content on the platform, it needs to be consumed in an authentic way, that is, by its natural and authentic audience. Therefore, if you use any method to amplify your followers, views and engagement, you will automatically be violating this rule, as it is artificial engagement. Examples of this are cross-posting and fabricated sharing. Follow Terms for Pages, Groups, and Events If you post content on your Page, groups or events.

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