The maturity of Spanish SMEs

The  Depending on its size and trajectory, we find different levels of maturity in terms of organizational. Therefore, management. To talk about the maturation process of SMEs, I am going to focus on my experience with digital marketing and business mentoring , where I see all types of cases (mainly in micro companies. Therefore, with employees and small companies). Well, it is in these companies where the need for professionalization is most evident.

The professionalization of organizational management of SMEs

At the beginning of a startup we do things almost out of pure category email list common sense. We have certain ideas about how things. Therefore, should be done, but the reality is that we are learning as we go. We are in everything and nothing at the same time. The problem is that part of these processes. Therefore, and the inertia they generate become part of the business culture. We talk about the set of values, beliefs, habits, traditions, attitudes and experiences that represent an organization and its members. 

How to professionalize SMEs so much on people SMEs

I have made this parenthesis talking about business DD Leads culture, so that you can better understand how difficult it is to pull the levers that allow us to transform. Therefore, a company from within. People With this first point we could answer practically all the points. A small. Therefore, company is the sum of the people that make it up (in large companies the value of intangibles means that it does not depend .

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