What is the best digital marketing strategy for an SME

If we want to increase our chances of success with our marketing strategy , we cannot have simplistic and/or single-channel approaches. That is to say: Something relatively common in SMEs is that they tend to opt for optimizing their presence in their “preferred” channel and practically ignoring the rest. I understand that it depends on the experience of the team that manages it, but it is curious to see how this is repeated.

The key is to look for volume in a digital channel and complement it with the rest

Given the impossibility of implementing a complete marketing industry email list strategy in which we combine volume and segmentation actions in all channels, we must focus on trying to dominate the most appropriate channel for our company. That is to say, if we start from the case presented at the beginning of the article, we can reach an optimal situation (although not ideal): a powerful digital channel that generates traffic, combined with the use of the rest of the channels to collect the effects of that volume and transform them into conversions (leads or sales). But of course, this requires SMEs to make a significant effort to modify their strategy and team.

What is the best digital marketing strategy for an SME

Following the reasoning that I have presented to you, and without DD Leads going into too much detail so as not to extend too much, I believe that the best combination of means is the following: Traffic generation channels: content (SEO and social networks). Conversion channels: email marketing and Google Ads (if we are in b2b or in high-priced products in B2C, a small call center can make a difference). 

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