Tap the pen icon to edit the video caption now, if you don’t want to use

TikTok’s native tool to generate automatic subtitles for your videos, you can create them yourself. Unlike the application’s native tool, other external tools provide more precision for generating subtitles, in addition to more formatting options. How to put subtitles on TikTok videos with CapCut app. So, to generate subtitles for your videos without using the TikTok app, download the CapCut app from Google Play Store for Android users or Apple Stores for iOS users. Open the app and tap New Project . put subtitles on tiktok Select the video from your device’s gallery and tap Add . put subtitles on tiktok In the options bar at the bottom of the app screen, tap Text. put subtitles on tiktok On the same bar, tap Auto Captions.

Put subtitles on tiktok Tap the start button and

Wait for the app to generate the subtitles. put subtitles on tiktok Subtitles generated, now all you have to do is tap the export button located in the upper right corner of the application screen. put subtitles on tiktok part.6 aveli.com .br Wait for the app to render the video and then Primary Metal Manufacturers Email List go to your gallery to find it. put subtitles on tiktok part.7 aveli.com .br Is it possible to put subtitles on TikTok after being posted? Advertising Unfortunately not. Once published, it is no longer possible to add subtitles to your TikTok videos. Therefore, you must enter them before sharing your video on the profile, because afterwards it is no longer possible to generate them. How to customize your TikTok video subtitle fonts and colors With the CapCut application you can increase some customizations that are not possible.

In the native tools of the TikTok application, such as

Adding colors, styles and others. Following the instructions above, on the subtitle editing screen, tap Style . put subtitles on tiktok part.8 aveli.com .br Then navigate to the Font tab and select the font for your video subtitles. put subtitles on tiktok the Style tab, select colors, outlines DD Leads and other customizations for the font of your TikTok video subtitles. put subtitles on tiktok part.10aveli.com .br 3 tips when putting subtitles on TikTok Now that you’ve figured out how to put subtitles on TikTok using the app’s automatic setting or an external app, here are some tips when putting subtitles. 1 – Pay attention to the margins of the screen. Your TikTok video description takes up a small portion of the screen. While TikTok’s trick of tapping the screen with two fingers makes the video appear clean, not everyone knows about this technique.

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