Therefore when inserting subtitles it is important that they are not overlapped by

The video description. Reserve a safety margin in your video description to prevent it from overlapping the caption. Try placing your TikTok video caption near the middle of the screen to ensure it is visible. 2 – Be careful with the color contrast of the font of the subtitles. Advertising Another important point is the colors of the subtitles. Automatic subtitles generated by TikTok have a shadow that creates a contrast between the subtitle font color and the video. As for TikTok’s automatic subtitles, okay, you shouldn’t worry about that. However, if you are using an external application, it is important to be aware. Try to combine light colors for your subtitle font when the video is dark, or dark colors for the font when the video background is light. You can also outline the TikTok caption font to create a nice contrast.

Beware of offensive words

If your TikTok video has profanity or obscene words in your narrative, try to prevent them from appearing in the caption or modify them by adding asterisks or numbers instead of letters. This will prevent your account from being at risk of being reported by users for Stone, Clay, and Glass Manufacturers Email List having offensive terms or being removed by app moderation. Advertising Conclusion You found out how to create automatic captions using the TikTok app itself and also using the CapCut app. With that said, subtitles are very important to give accessibility to people with disabilities and also those who cannot turn on the audio of the video. We show you how to customize your subtitles by changing the font and colors, and more, we give you some tips when creating your subtitles for TikTok. Did you like this content.

Trend on TikTok: its meaning and

4 most common types by Elissandro Dias trend on tiktok Trend on TikTok. Is the expression used to refer to videos that gain prominence. And become a trend by being replicated thousands of times in the application. In other words. They are videos that thousands or millions of TikTok users are inspired by. Or copied, creating their own versions posted DD Leads on their profiles. Trends on TikTok come up very often and are highlighted in the app, so they receive trending status. Although trends on TikTok have a short period of high popularity, it is enough to stand out and go viral on the network. In this guide, we are going to explore everything about trending on TikTok. Find out in detail what it is, how to find it, the main types and more.

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